Anti-Seize Lubricants

LOCTITE Anti-Seize products provide protection against rust, corrosion, seizing and galling, as well as lubrication. Anti-Seizes are typically the products of choice for high temperature applications because of their unique ability to provide protection in extreme temperature conditions. Each product contains a combination of solid lubricating agents resulting in different high temperature limits and lubricities. These are the two major factors in choosing the right Anti-Seize product for your application.

Benefits of Anti-Seize

  • Eases assembly and disassembly of threaded joints, slip / press fits
  • Protects mated metal parts against corrosion
  • Extends life of expensive fittings
  • Reduces downtime due to galling and seizure
  • Reduces part breakage
  • Resists high pressure
  • Resists high temperatures compatible with specific metal
  • Allows for more consistent clamp load

Hot Promotion:

LOCTITE C5-A Copper Anti-Seize

  • Copper, general purpose copper assembly paste
  • Allows cold weather application to parts for year-round maintenance

LOCTITE Silver Grade Anti-Seize

  • Aluminum, general purpose aluminum assembly paste
  • Equipment repair and general maintenance for long-term assemblies

LOCTITE Nickel Anti-Seize

  • Multipurpose high temperature anti-seize lubricant for use in extreme, high temperature applications
  • For severe environments, including direct exposure to aggressive chemicals

LOCTITE Heavy Duty Anti-Seize

  • For applications requiring a copper-and nickel-free product
  • Superior protection for stainless steel and titanium

LOCTITE Graphite-50 Anti-Seize

  • Highly electrically conductive, nonmetallic anti-seize
  • Specially electrically conductive in metal-to-metal joints

LOCTITE Marine Grade Anti-Seize

  • Protection against fresh and salt water, outstanding water-washout resistance
  • Excellent lubricity, works well in high-humidity conditions

LOCTITE N-1000 High Purity Anti-Seize

  • Copper-based, high purity anti-seize
  • Good for use on stainless steel and high nickel alloy bolting assembly: temperature resistant to 1800°F (982°C)

LOCTITE N-5000 High Purity Anti-Seize

  • Nickel-based lubricant that is suitable for use in nuclear reactors and water/steam systems (wetted class 1 systems)
  • Copper-free formulation, below 50 ppm

LOCTITE N-7000 High Purity Anti-Seize

  • Metal-free formula, very high purity and excellent lubrication
  • Specially developed for class 1, 2 and 3 power plant hardware; temperature resistant to 2400°F (1316°C)

LOCTITE High Performance N-5000 High Purity Anti-Seize

  • Very high purity and excellent lubrication
  • Especially developed for class 1, 2 and 3 power plant hardware