LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound

Premium quality LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound were developed to protect backing liners and wear parts on almost any industrial crusher equipment such as cone crusher etc. Formulas for the Crusher Backing Compound features significantly reduced odor and are far more user friendly  than traditional epoxy backing systems. As Crusher Backing Compound manufacturers, we also deliver this technology to enhance machinery life which improves overall equipment effectiveness and ensures production to run smoothly.

Application of the 2-part compound into the relevant pockets

Benefits of LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound

  • Color-changing technology - assures product is fully mixed
  • Low odor High compression strength
  • Convenient kit size and durable plastic cans
  • Low shrinkage
  • On-site application support
  • Global availability

Crusher Backing Compound Uses

LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound enhances machinery life of cone crushers and mills that are often used in quarrying and mining industries as well as other industrial plants. Our high performance material provides volumetric stability that eliminates formation of gaps between backing and liners or support structures, and contains elastomers for high impact and shock resistance.

Cone crusher and Gyratory Crushers in Mines and Quarries
Crusher manufacturers

Impact Arm Crushers in Cement Plants

Backing plates in some Vertical Roller Mills in Cement , Power and Steel Plants



LOCTITE is the premier supplier of backing compounds with proven performance for over 30 years.


  • Low odor
  • Color-changing technology
  • High compressive strength
  • Convenient kit size
  • Low shrinkage

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  • 100% solid epoxy
  • High compression strength – 15,500 psi
  • Faster cure in 8 hrs. without accelerator

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Mixing and Application

LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound is a 100% solid epoxy system that needs no melting or special equipment, and is easy and safe to use.

1. Suggested Tools

  • Mixing Bucket
  • Heavy Duty Handheld Drill (two handle models)
  • Jiffy Mixer (or equivalent)
  • LOCTITE Orange Hand Cleaner

2. Preparation of LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound

LOCTITE Crusher Backing Compound must be mixed at a temperature range of 15°C to 26°C before use. Lower temperatures give longer working life, but higher viscosity (harder to pour), while higher temperatures reduces working time to pour into crusher.

3. Mixing

Pre-mix the Resin using a Jiffy Mixer. Add the hardener and continue stirring the product until a uniform color is obtained.
Ensure consistency but do not over-mix the product.

4. Application Method

Pour mixture immediately after mixing. Pour at one place and allow LOCTITE Crusher Backing to fill the cavity and push out the air in front of it. Use dam (tin, cardboard, clay, etc.) to direct the flow when necessary. Unmixed resin (different color clinging to the sides and bottom) should not be drained into the crusher.

Succeeding kits may be mixed and poured individually as needed. Backing Compounds adhere to itself.