Leading Solutions in Adhesive Technologies
Five strong brands

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Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. It supplies many different manufacturing industries with advanced products and systems solutions.

Leading Solutions in Adhesive Technologies

Five strong brands

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Loctite Backing Material is a 100% solids epoxy compound for backing wear plates in cone crushers and grinding mills. Provides high compressive strength and impact resistance. High volumetric stability eliminates gaps between liners. Nonflammable. Pourable compound requires no melting or special equipment. More...

Extend pipe lifetime with LOCTITE Composite Repair System
LOCTITE Composite Repair System is a fast and economical alternative to pipe replacement. The innovative repair system reinforces and seals pipes designed for high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance. More...

New LOCTITE Hybrid Adhesive technology from Henkel!

Henkel’s innovative hybrid technology delivers the speed of an instant adhesive with the strengthof a structural adhesive. More…

LOCTITE ML-11 Multi-purpose Maintain Lube
LOCTITE ML-11 is a light, semi-drying oil type spray suitable for many applications including vehicle parts, slide rail, tools and industrial machinery. More...

TURCO RUST CONVERTER is a water-thin liquid metal treatment compound when applied to rusted metal, chemically changes the rust  (iron oxide) into iron phosphate. The surface produced is an inert, hard and grayish surface which will serve as a firm base for paint. It helps to protect the metal surface from corrosion and eliminate rust to prevent it from coming back. More...

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