One Loctite Campaign

See how LOCTITE has secured success for some of industry’s biggest challenges. Browse through our technologies to discover a wide range of adhesive capabilities. Explore bonding, sealing threadlocking & thread sealing and other solutions below

Instant Bonding

LOCTITE Instant adhesives are one-part, room-temperature curing adhesives available in a wide range of viscosities. They are typically used for fast, reliable, high-performance bonding of numerous materials in just seconds – rubber, polystyrene, wood, metal and even the latest generation plastics. You can safely and simply bond almost all combination of substrate – plastic to metal, metal to cardboard, even elastomer to elastomer.



LOCTITE threadlocking products prevent self-loosening and prevent loss of clamp load due to vibration and shock loads. They are easy-flowing liquids which completely fill the gaps between mating threads. When used to assemble threaded fasteners, LOCTITE threadlockers secure threaded assemblies and eliminate corrosion by creating a unitized assembly.


Thread Sealing

LOCTITE thread sealants, available in liquid or stick form, prevent leakage of gases and liquids on metal pipes and connections. Designed for low and high pressure applications, they fill the space between threaded parts and provide an instant, low pressure seal. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most pipe systems.



LOCTITE retaining products secure bearings, bushingsand cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. They increasemaximum load transmission capability and uniform stress distribution and eliminate fretting corrosion. Applied as a liquid, they allow 100% contact between mating metal surfaces, eliminating the need for more expensive designs, time consuming machining and even thethe use of mechanical methods.



LOCTITE gasketing products are a reliable alternative to conventional compression gaskets to prevent leakage of fluids or gases between flange surfaces.


Structural Bonding and Sealing

LOCTITE structural adhesives are engineered to meet a wide range of industrial bonding, sealing and assembly requirements. They are designed to provide superior bond strength, long life and dependability on a variety of substrates and applications. For reliable structural adhesives, choose LOCTITE a name synonymous with the highest quality, superior technical support and exceptional value for over 60 years.